It is wise to avoid links to the internet in computer

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Unformatted text preview: ernet in computer work for your reports. Such links are usually unnecessary, and only add to the risk of something going wrong. Bring your report files to the classroom on a CD-R, a CD-RW, or a USB Drive. If you will need it, be sure to check that the presentation computer has a CD drive that reads CD-RW’s, or a USB port! Redundancy is essential. Have your presentation on at least two different media. Menu (material ends) C I Student Projects. Written Report Written Report WRITTEN REPORT Each team will prepare a written report. This should be a self-contained document, describing the team’s particular project, presenting all calculations, indicating the key steps in its solution, and stating the team’s conclusions. It would also be appropriate to include any relevant details that were omitted from the oral report. Just as in a business report, the team’s written report should be word processed, and designed to make a lasting, positive impression on its readers. Personality and the ability to think on one’s feet are key points in an oral presentation. Completeness, correct writing, and attention to details are the hallmarks of an excellent written report. People may retain the written record of your work long after they have lost a clear recollection of your oral presentation. Successful teams often start by first preparing their written report. Once this is done, key points are extracted to form the basis for the computer files which will be used in the oral Tea m1 report. PRO RE JECT PO RT Menu (material continues) C I Student Projects. Written Report: page 2 Get Started Your work on a project starts with the team’s Really Great Idea! preliminary report. As each new tool is studied, apply it to your particular project and expand your report. If you wait until just before the final report to utilize the tools, your team will be badly rushed and there will be no time to correct any problems or misconceptions. Building the report as you progress through the material will take the pressure off of reporting. Use the assigned homework to help you...
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