It should also show that you have thought carefully

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Unformatted text preview: show that you have thought carefully about the project, and that you are beginning to develop some intuition about the business aspects of the situation. Do not worry if your team does not yet have an effective way to solve or even to attack the project. This ability will come as you study the computer and mathematical tools. In particular, you should NOT try to “read ahead” in a rushed attempt to study the tools. The preliminary report should be based upon study of the problem, your common sense, and business considerations. Since the report will be brief, your team must be well organized. Any use of PowerPoint or Excel should be kept at a very simple level. CI Menu (material ends) S Studying Student Projects.tudying the Tools The Tools STUDYING THE TOOLS To keep your team’s work on track, the final homework problem in most sections requires that you apply the given tool to your team project. Successful completion of these steps assures you that you are making satisfactory progress toward your report. Occasionally a team may head off in an inappropriate or completely wrong direction while working on its project. This can become a major problem if it is not discovered until the team is making its final report. For this reason it is usually wise for a team to discuss its conclusions with their instructor, prior to the report day. All mathematical and computer tools that will be needed for your project solution will be presented prior to the final section in each project. These concluding sections are substantial examples which use the earlier tools in much the same ways that you will use them in your project solutions. You should use the study time during the final example to complete work on your team’s project. Menu (material ends) C I Student Projects. Oral Reports Oral Report Click anywhere in the picture to view video clips from a final report. Click on the pictures to view short excerpts from final PowerPoint presentations. Team 4 Three Amigos Co. Marketing Analysis Jose Buenrostro Ray Mensing Carlos Othon Ty c o on Oi l Team 6 Theresa Kayzar Zach Pendley James Rohret FINAL ORAL REPORT When all needed tools have been studied, each team will give a final report. This is to be...
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