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Unformatted text preview: hed and Distributed by The Mathematical Association of Ame Calculus & Optimization Student Projects Modeling The Business world Written Report Teams And Projects Homework Preliminary Report Study Plan Studying The Tools Working With Your Team Final Oral Report Student Projects 1 Avoiding Computer Problems Calculus for Title Business Decisions and Men Release 2.1, 2010 u Student Projects 2 C I © 2010 by The Arizona Board of Regents for The University of Arizona. All rights reserved. Student Projects. Modeling The Business World Modeling the Business World MODELING THE BUSINESS WORLD IN THE CLASSROOM The content and use of spreadsheet technology in Calculus for Business Decisions are designed to mirror the actual workplace environment that students will encounter in their business careers. It is also very important that course structure and classroom activities model current business practices. In particular, to whatever extent is possible, students should prepare for the ubiquitous use of teams for reaching business decisions. The remaining parts of this file outline a plan for managing student teams with separate projects and reports. This plan has worked very well for thousands of students in a wide range of institutions. To the teacher: You must be guided by the resources, facilities, and policies of your school, as well as your own teaching experience. However, it is strongly urged that you employ as many features of the team plan as possible. To the student: Your instructor will establish the course policies. If student teams or individual projects are used, the following material will be very helpful in your work. Menu (material ends) C I Student Projects. &Teams & Projects Teams Projects TEAMS AND PROJECTS Project Introduction Teams Formed Each project will be introduced with a Class standard Class Project, which will be Project studied and solved as mathematical and computer tools are developed. During the first week of classes, small groups of students will be formed to work on Team Projects which are very similar to the Class Project. When a projec...
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