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Unformatted text preview: ons contain several exercises. Stop and work each one of these (whether or not it is to be handed in) before continuing your study. Some of the homework exercises provide the steps needed for your team’s preparation of its project reports. These are particularly important problems. Menu (material continues) C I Student Projects.Plantudy Plan: page 3 Study S Pay particular attention to the pages labeled “FOCUS on the project.” These show how each tool allows you to gain further insight into the problem that you are studying. Business Computers Tests, Homework, Decisions Calculus, Mathematics, on the project Menu (material ends) C I Student Projects. Working With Your Team Working With Your Team WORKING WITH YOUR TEAM The ability to work effectively within a group of people is a major asset in the business world. It is also an important part of Calculus for Business Decisions. You may encounter team members with any of the following traits. The martyr: Willing to do all of the team work, with or without public complaint. The slacker: Tries to get away without doing any of the work, but is willing to share in the credit. The boss: Everything must be done in exactly his or her way. The busy person: Cannot possibly fit team meetings into his or her full schedule. The never follow through person: Promises to help, but never gets the job done. Menu (material continues) C I Student Projects. Working With Your Team: page 2 Working With Your Team The bright person: Seems to understand everything and be able to do any part of a project. The slow person: Never seems to catch on to what is happening in class or with the project. You will find exactly the same mix of people in the rest of your business career. Learning to create an effective team out of diverse individuals may be a real challenge. Here are a few suggestions. Do not let one member dominate the team. Assert your right to influence group decisions and to participate fully in team activities. Do not accept the willingness of a few members to do most of the team work. If team homework is acc...
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