This is to be a major presentation given in the style

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Unformatted text preview: a major presentation, given in the style that you will use in your future business career. Each team will prepare a written report and give an oral presentation, using a computer. The oral report should be built around a PowerPoint presentation, with links to Excel files, as needed for the project. All members of a team must actively participate in the report and every member must be able to explain any given mathematical or computer aspect of the report. Menu (material continues) C I O Oral Student Projects. ral ReportReports: page 2 Oral reports will be evaluated on (i) the correctness and completeness of their contents; (ii) the ability of all team members to answer questions and explain what they have done; (iii) the extent to which they explore the Team Project beyond the basic level of the Class Project; and (iv) the organization, style, and business-like manner of the presentation. Oral presentations should introduce the team members and provide full information on the team’s project. All of the projects lead to one or more significant business decisions. Reports should clearly include the team’s final decisions, and should outline all of the major steps that were used in reaching those conclusions. Relevant mathematical formulas should be displayed and discussed. Any spreadsheets used in computations should be presented and explained. Teamwork is critical. Plan ahead and hold group practice sessions before the time for class reports. Be sure that every team member understands all of the business and mathematical ideas in your report. Menu (material continues) C I Student Projects. ral ReportReports: page 3 O Oral Be professional, dressing and acting as you would in an important business meeting. Speak directly to your audience. Do not simply read from notes or your PowerPoint file. Avoid excessive use of sounds and animation in your report. Do not attempt to show every step that you used in making your decision. Highlight the broad outline of your work. Be prepared to explain any detail that might be needed to answer a question. Interpret all mathematical res...
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