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Unformatted text preview: prepare your reports. Using the tools with your project data is also one of the best ways to prepare for examinations over those tools. Click on the pictures to view short excerpts from Calculus for Business Decisions written reports. Menu (material ends) PDF copy: requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. C I is er 6 w ans 401.3 The 729, e). $2, (mayb Student Projects. Homework Homework HOMEWORK Homework problems are spread throughout the PowerPoint files. Working all of these problems provides one of the best ways to master the mathematical and computer topics. h mig it it, 1.95. Wa e $ b t Some of the problems ask you to explore or modify existing Excel files. Other questions ask you to create your own new spreadsheets. Many problems are to be solved with pencil and paper mathematics. Menu Homework problems which are handed in for grading should be submitted as Word or Excel files, or as printout from such files. All work, including equations, must be computer generated or word processed. Complete sentences describing your solution must accompany the mathematical and computer work. (material ends) C I Study Plan Student Projects. Study Plan STUDY PLAN Read the project description and use Excel to look up the data. Take time to become familiar with the situation, to understand the data, and to find out exactly what you are asked to do with the project. You will need both mathematical and computer tools in order to make effective decisions. Such topics are presented, following each project. Study all of the tools thoroughly, watching for ways to apply them to the project. Both the mathematical and computer tools should be studied in the order in which they are presented in the PowerPoint file. Menu (material continues) C I Student Projects. Study Plan: page 2 Study Plan Each section contains examples. Read these carefully and be sure that you understand each one before continuing to work on the following material. Some of the examples have buttons that you can use to view Excel worksheets or other ancillary material. Take advantage of this help by using all of the extra aids. All secti...
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