When a project is first introduced to the class each

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Unformatted text preview: t is first introduced to the class, each team will be told how to obtain the details of its particular project. This information may be in the form of an Excel file, material to be downloaded from the Internet, or data which is supplied by the instructor. Menu Student Projects Preliminary Reports Tools and Homework Solution (material continues) Written Reports C Oral Reports I Student Projects. Projects & Projects: page 2 Teams & Teams Immediately after projects are introduced, teams give preliminary oral reports. The class then develops and studies both mathematical and computer tools that will lead to sound business decisions, and will assist in project solutions. Focus on the Project sections follow work on most of the tools. These show how the given concepts apply to the Class Project. Homework problems ask each team to make the corresponding applications to its own Team Project. The Class Project is solved completely in the final Focus on the Project section. Student teams prepare both oral and written final reports. These emphasize the use of mathematics in their business decisions. Following the solution of the Class Project, we present an additional application of the project tools. These illustrate the use of the new concepts in a business setting that is completely different from that of the Class Project. Study of these “shadow projects” is optional. They may be used as reading assignment, or covered in the classroom while teams prepare their final repots on the Team Projects. Menu (material ends) C I Student Projects. Preliminary Reports Preliminary Report View a Video clip from a preliminary report. PRELIMINARY REPORT Shortly after a project is introduced each team will give a brief oral preliminary report on its project. After introducing its members to the class, a team will give a description of the team’s particular project, a discussion of the problem, and tentative decisions on the main project questions. The preliminary report should clearly indicate that your team has started to function as a problem solving group. It should also...
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