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Computation Sol CBD


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ARE YOU READY FOR CALCULUS FOR BUSINESSS DECISIONS? This exercise uses some of the computer skills that you should have before beginning Calculus for Business Decisions . Follow the directions, using the most efficient methods t carry out each step . When you are done, return to What Computer Skills Will You Need? in CBD.pptm for information on how to evaluate your results and techniques. PART 1 (i) Save this file as Computation.xlsx and continue saving all of the work that you do workbook (ii) This workbook is now set for Manual Calculation . Reset it for Automatic Calculation . PART 2 Let f ( x ) = ax2 + b where a is the number in Cell B51 . You are to make an array of va for f ( x ), computed for different values of x and b . (i) Merge Cells B48:J48 and format the merged cell with light grey fill and a black bo Enter the formula f ( x ) = ax 2 + b in the merged cell as bold face text . Be sure that italics and superscript are exactly as shown in this sentence.
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