Hw3 - 2.1.5(a There are C.r:4 waln of picking depdrtments...

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2.1.5. (a) There are C!.r:4 waln of picking depdrtments. For depart_ ment choices berow, .'" iil trr" t"i'.r ;;;;". of commitees from those de. partments, by using the counting ;;tr.;l;, {1,2,3} :.4 ._4 .5 : 8oi {t,2,4} : 4. 4 .5 : 8oi {1,3,4} : 4. s.5 : roo; ii,i,nl : 4. 5.5 : 1oo. ilTj"j$:tmber of possible committees is then the sum 80 + 80 + 100 + (b) The committe conditions. r,o. "*u.il]e-not.equally lil,ely under the specified selection parrment 2, an d, -i.':ii' j:, r:::ff "l "r*:F"1",T:ffi**" t,: 5 i$:Iil:ilrc3mbination' ,r'"" ."r".; ;* three indiviiuui,"io* ,r,oru P[z from departmt '"' t:'*1?T.Tiif:*J 2, z rromdepartment 3l But for the other department"""ri,o,l*l"r* * P[r from department l, y from departme : l - rl . t.:r -"tf 2'z from department 4J 4 \4 L s)_Tfr. P[z from department 1, 9,fr9T department 3, z from department 4l C/i* I pfc from denarrman+ , ".1-]i :t +' = #, ar ot4, efl#w3 Tllbf/?+kt . /lt' t,/ o?+/z ry{+}4/f Ui1Ua"rl d4a/^ ter t P[c from department 2, y from departn rndividua,sd**h;;;i,i,:,:t'tt':::il.:":"-T::,:,, multiply the probabititv i/+ rr,.i1i"'ai"l abilitv i n at t r,e in a..,i q u "r' t " il" o'"o''";11:"-',"|, :'u jj $iji lo: rl"r* 3;f;I-*" I and 2' Uut oo'rv-iziiJ.l.o"',*ents 3 and 4. (3/16 vs. , x I 2.L.25. Assume that the fifteea subjects are indistinguishable- The prob since this is a bit less than 8%, we have a little evidence that brand selec' lem is to couut tbe number of ways that 15 such subjects, positioned in a row, ca' be split into 3 goups. As in Fig' 2'2, do tbe partitioning l/,0 f , " by inserting two special markers into the list aaywhere. Then there are '.'",--,:6. fS + Z = 1? positions in the new list, and a partition correspol& "iiqY* ifnf-f8:'"]: to a selection of 2 positions for the markeis' wbich can e o"TrTrfil ways. Now let us count the number of ways in which at least l-2 of the rJ;** are in the first category, ie. they prefer brand
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Hw3 - 2.1.5(a There are C.r:4 waln of picking depdrtments...

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