446proj6 - plot([x(i,1),x(i,2)],[y(i,1),y(i,2)],g:)

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MATH 446 / OR 481 SAUER SPRING 2010 Project 6 B´ezier Curves and the Times Font Design and plot one of the following three lower case Times characters using B´ezier curves, including the endpoints plotted as circles and all control points plotted as squares: gmu You should plot the character as an “outline font”. Here is a Matlab code fragment that plots the Times letter o, to help you get started: plot([0 3],[0 0],’k’,[0 0],[0 3],’k’); hold on x=[1 0 0 1;1 2 2 1;1 .3 .3 1;1 1.7 1.7 1]; y=[2 2 0 0;0 0 2 2;1.95 1.95 .05 .05;.05 .05 1.95 1.95]; numcurves=4; t=0:.002:1; for i=1:numcurves plot(x(i,1),y(i,1),’ro’,x(i,4),y(i,4),’ro’)
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Unformatted text preview: plot([x(i,1),x(i,2)],[y(i,1),y(i,2)],g:) plot([x(i,3),x(i,4)],[y(i,3),y(i,4)],g:) plot(x(i,2),y(i,2),gs,x(i,3),y(i,3),gs) % some code needed here xp=x(i,1)+bx * t+cx * t. * t+dx * t.3; yp=y(i,1)+by * t+cy * t. * t+dy * t.3; plot(xp,yp,k) end axis square hold off Plot two versions, one with all endpoints and control points plotted as above, and another with just the curves. Include all Matlab code used in the plots. Extra Credit: Up to 2 extra points may be awarded for each additional letter. Do not attempt extra credit until your rst letter is perfect. Due: Tues., Apr. 27...
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