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C Caruso Psych of Women, 235 Movie Review and Gender Analysis Write a movie review for a film that features a central role for a woman (or women) and include an analysis of how gender is depicted in the film . Please start with a comprehensive movie review that includes a plot synopsis as well as your opinion of the quality of the film . For the plot synopsis please provide a general overview including any important details you identify . For the section on your opinion of the film describe whether you would recommend the film and clearly describe why or why not . Finally, for the gender analysis please highlight specific examples and describe how they represent gender . Students are strongly encouraged to incorporate concepts and theories from the text and class discussions to support their positions. Remember that gender analysis provides information that recognizes that gender, and its relationship with race, ethnicity, culture, class, age,
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Unformatted text preview: disability, and/or other status, is important in understanding the different patterns of involvement, behavior and activities that women and men have in economic, social and legal structures. All papers should be two to four pages ; typed and double spaced. Some film titles to review are suggested below. Please feel free to suggest another movie (let me know in advance). Suggested Films for Movie Review: Girl, Interrupted Real Women Have Curves Boys Dont Cry Soldiers Girl Far From Heaven (2002) Gone with the Wind Rabbit Proof Fence Little Miss Sunshine Pretty Woman Rebecca The Whale Rider Most Disney animated films Thelma and Louise Casa de los Babys Carrie Alien Pretty in Pink Psycho Mean Girls Osama Laila The Stepford Wives Vera Drake Silkwood North Country Paradise Road Magdalene Sisters (2002) Precious (Based on the novel Push) The Blind Side Sex in the City Bend it Like Bekham Juno...
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