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1. Discuss why two interacting atoms would make: 1) a covalent bond, 2) a polar covalent bond, 3) an ionic bond, 4) a hydrogen bond, 5) van Der Waals interactions. Give examples of the atoms that would make these bonds. The italics in the parenthesis are alternate ways to state the same thing and both ways need not be said for full credit. Atoms share, donate or accept electrons to fill their outermost energy level (shell) and thus achieve the lowest energy state possible. (~7 points) If two atoms sharing electrons have an equivalent attraction for these electrons ( equivalent electronegativities ), the electrons are shared equally ( the electrons spend an equal amount of time orbiting each atom’s nucleus ), and the atoms are said to have formed a covalent bond. (~7 points) Two carbon atoms ( 2 hydrogen atoms, etc .) can form a covalent bond with one another (~2 points) If one of the two atoms has a greater attraction for the electrons it will share with another atom ( one atom is more electronegative than the other atom
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