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Lab Manual for Organic Chem 1 LAB

Lab Manual for Organic Chem 1 LAB - 4-10 CHCl 3-50 CH 2 Cl...

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A pp e n di x I : H a z a r d o u s P r o p er t i e s of S o m e of t h e C h e m i c a l s u s e d i n t h e C H E M 223 L a b o r a t o r y Reference: N. l. Sax, Da ng e r ous P r op e r ti e s of I nd u s t r i a l M a t e r i a l s (Also see CRC Handbook, under "Toxicity") U = Unknown 3 = May cause death or permanent injury 2 = May cause temporary damage 1 = Fairly safe Benzoic acid-l p-Nitroaniline- Acute Local- U; Ingested -3; Skin absorption -3; Headache, nausea, vomiting, stupor Ethanol - moderate fire hazard Methanol - Acute local -1; Ingested -3; Inhalation -2; skin absorption A cumulative poison. Fire hazard - moderate. CH 2 Cl 2 - Highly irritating to the eyes! Acute: local irritant - 2; Systemic: Ingestion -2; Skin absorption -2; Inhalation -3; Chronic: Local -U; Systemic -1. Fire Hazard -none. For comparison, note the maximum allowed air concentrations in ppm: Benzene -10; CCl
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Unformatted text preview: 4-10; CHCl 3-50; CH 2 Cl 2-500 (CRC Handbook) • Benzene - a recognized carcinogen. Acute -2; Chronic -3; a cumulative poison: People who work with benzene routinely over a period of years must take particular care to minimize exposure. Fire hazard - high. • Cyclohexane - Chronic -U; Acute -2. Fire hazard – high • Chloroform - Chronic -U; Acute systemic -3 Considered more toxic than CH 2 Cl 1 but less toxic than CCl 4 and benzene. Fire hazard -none. • Ethyl Acetate - Acute -2; Chronic -1; Fire hazard - high • Dimethyl ether - Acute -2; Chronic -2; Fire hazard - extremely high! • Iodine - Acute -3; Chronic -3; Extremely irritating to the lungs....
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