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(1) Melting Point Lab How to Present Melting Point Data 1. All data that you collect must be presented. 2. If there are data that are incorrect due to misreading the thermometer, temperature was increasing too rapidly, or whatever reason, please present these data and indicate the reason for not believing that these data are not usable. 3. Please present all data in tables in column and row format. Please label each column and row appropriately. Melting Point Experiment Comments: 1. It would be preferable to record the data in table format. This method of recording data allows you to make more than one measurement while keeping the data next to each other. 2. It is not sufficient to state that you performed a mixed melting point and that it agrees. What is the melting point range of this sample? Since you have done
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Unformatted text preview: the measurement, is there a reason to omit the values from the notebook? 3. All inclusionary sheets should be taped onto blank pages. 4. Please start all experiments on odd pages (RHP). 5. The Table of Contents should have the four columns outlined in the guidelines was given to you. 6. When drawing up tables, please use a ruler!!! 7. Credit was not given for correct identification without performing a mixed melting point determination. 8. No credit was given for misidentification of the unknown. 9. On a positive note, melting point ranges that exceed a three degree celsius range were not deducted. For future reference, the melting point ranges for pure substances should not exceed three degrees celsius....
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