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Nucleophilic Substitution LAB

Nucleophilic Substitution LAB - (8 Nucleophilic...

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(8) Nucleophilic Substitution DISCUSSION The following is a list of what is specifically required in your write-up. The entire write-up should have clearly delineated sections titled: 1. Title 2. Objective 3. Introduction 4. Table of Reagents 5. Table of Hazards 6. Step-by-step Procedures 7. Results of sub-expt 21. Table of Observations (for all ten test tubes, for both nucleophiles). This is a TABLE of observations. "Hmm, should tables be drawn with a ruler?...or perhaps, I should show the instructor that I don't really care about my grade and just draw it crooked." 8. Discussion of Sub-expt 21 (a) For each of the test tubes reactions (there are twenty (20) of them), explain IN ONE/TWO SENTENCE(S) the reason for each of the results. For example, if a white precipitate was observed in a test tube, the explanation could be: "The reaction was expected at room temperature because the primary reaction center allowed for an SN1 reaction which does not go through an intermediate." (Is this statement TRUE???) (b) If there are any unexpected results (i.e., results that you cannot explain using SN1 and SN2 reaction mechanisms), you can explain them in this section. 9. Discussion of Results of Expts 8A and 8B (a)This discussion should include a brief discussion of the SN1 and SN2 mechanisms. Explain the stereochemistry involved in the SN1 vs the SN2 reaction mechanisms.
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(b) Explain the differences between these reaction mechanisms as you have been taught in Chem 222. (c) Explain the percent yields of each of the products in the product mixture for 8A using the reaction mechanisms that you just discussed.
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