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Lab Guidelines & Penalties

Lab Guidelines & Penalties - Chemistry 223 Organic...

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Chemistry 223 – Organic Lab I Regulations & Penalties BLACKBOARD 1. You MUST register through CUNY portal to use blackboard 8 (https://portal.cuny.edu/). 2. Check the Blackboard (http://bb.hunter.cuny.edu/) site for the lab manual. You can download either the entire manual or individual labs so that you can print them out (see Labs section). 3. Explore the Blackboard site for hints and tips pertaining to each experiment (see Information Section). 4. Any e-mail sent to students through the Blackboard site will be sent to their Hunter e-mail addresses. You must be able to get access to your Hunter e-mail but you can set it up so that your messages will be forwarded to the e-mail account of your choice. There are instructions for doing this on the main Blackboard page. IMPORTANT SAFETY TIPS 1. CAUTION: If you are pregnant, you cannot continue to attend the Organic Chemistry lab 2. For your safety, please provide and wear appropriate clothing, including a lab coat, gloves, safety goggles and closed shoes.
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