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Crystal Cox Final Essay The Role of the Chorus in Oedipus the King There were several main characters in Oedipus the King however the reader may have overlooked a major group of people; the chorus. In Greek plays, choruses are used to offer a variety of background and summary information to help the audience follow and better understand the play. The Greek chorus comments on themes, and shows how an ideal audience might react to the drama. In many of these plays, the chorus expressed to the audience what the main characters could not say, such as their fears or secrets, Oedipus had a lot of these. The Chorus' role in the play was to act as a conscience sort of like the "common sense" in the play. They were the ones that asked the important questions and tried to make things clearer. The chorus also provided other characters with the insight they need. My argument is how would the fate of Oedipus differ had not the chorus been present, had they been the ones responsible for this tragedy? In Oedipus the King, the chorus was made up of citizens from Thebes, who were fond of Oedipus. As the play unfolds, their attitude toward him changes only slightly. First, they suggest to him what it turns out that he has already done, send for Tiresias in the hope that he can identify the murderer of Laius. When the act ends with Tiresias, provoked to anger by Oedipus' taunts and accusations, telling Oedipus, "YOU are the murderer," the chorus' reaction is that, if Tiresias is wrong, as they're sure he must be, they will never believe a seer again. In the next act, the chorus first urges Jocasta to
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finalessay - Crystal Cox Comp & Lit 1 Final Essay The...

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