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Functional Elements of the Folktale (Condensed from Vladimir Propp’s Morphology of the Folktale ) a The initial situation. β One of the members of a family absents himself from home. Definition: absentation . γ An interdiction is addressed to the hero. Definition: interdiction . δ The interdiction is violated. Definition: violation . ε The villain makes an attempt at reconnaissance. Definition: reconnaissance . ζ The villain receives information about his victim. Definition: delivery . η The villain attempts to deceive his victim in order to take possession of him or of his belongings. Definition: trickery . θ The victim submits to deception and thereby unwittingly helps his enemy. Definition: complicity . _____________________________________________________________________________ A Villainy (initial misfortune or calamity): kidnapping, murder, disappearance, expulsion or exile, imprisonment, crop-burning, etc.; threats of any of the above; demand for ransom or surrender of victim, sometimes known as “monstrous tax” (e.g., a dragon demands a
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Propp%20Functional%20Elements%20of%20the%20Folktale -...

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