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Recitation%20Requirements%20Fall%202010-1 - RUSS 2231 Fairy...

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RUSS 2231 Fairy Tales of Russia Recitation Requirements The recitation section in which you are enrolled counts for the third hour of this 3-credit course, and your performance in recitation accounts for 25% of your semester grade. The assigned readings for each week of the semester are outlined on the syllabus; these readings are available to you at the course website on CULearn. Please print them out and bring them with you to the recitation for which they are assigned. As with the lectures, you are expected to have completed the assigned reading for the week prior to each class meeting: you should come prepared to discuss each week’s assignment. Your recitation grade is composed of two parts: participation (10%) and reading responses (15%). Attendance will be counted toward your participation grade. You are allowed one absence during the semester; each absence beyond that will result in a 5% reduction in your participation grade. If you must miss your regular recitation, you are strongly
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