History 1010 Historiography

History 1010 Historiography - Conflict and hostilities were...

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Conflict and hostilities were especially common in the 19 th century. Numerous wars of different magnitudes occurred throughout Europe, each having little impact upon the world. Many led to only small territorial differences, and were thoroughly fixed afterwards with no further disagreement. Only one war changed the world, and is remembered up to this date. The consequences of this one war outweighed the aftermath of all the previous smaller confrontations. This one war changed everything, and created chaos upon the balance of power in Europe. World War I, a battle no one would have predicted to be so drastic, lasted much longer than anyone estimated. Additionally, the war brought upon thousands and thousands of casualties resulting in depression and severe rebellion against the continuation of the war. After World War I, fingers were being pointed in every direction contemplating on who began the war, and who was to blame for the cause of such disaster. Though other countries were at fault, the majority were staring in Germany’s direction. Fischer, a German historian, agreed with this theory as well. However, everyone had a different opinion towards this matter, therefore Fischer’s initial thesis written in his book, was heavily criticized. The German population was especially critical in their opinions on Fischer’s theory, including a man named Joachim Remak. Schroeder was another historian that further complicated this argument. Remak was one of the many people that criticized Fischer’s theory on the blame
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History 1010 Historiography - Conflict and hostilities were...

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