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Economic Article Analysis 1

Economic Article Analysis 1 - Melissa Scally Article...

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Melissa Scally Article Summary #1 October 5, 2010 Farmers in the Cheney lake community in Kansas are managing their land in order to improve water quality and increase agricultural production. With Cheney Lake providing 60 to 70 percent of the daily water needs of the community, the farmers initiated a program to address the declining water quality. The City of Wichita was the primary source of all water quality improvements, thus they supported the farmers of the community making an effort to also improve water quality. The Citizen’s Management Committee was established in order to reduce sediment loading and phosphorus to double the life of the lake. By improving the water quality through the committee, citizens of the City of Wichita would potentially have lower taxes since the costs to the city would be reduced since the committee is covering the costs to reduce the sediment loading and phosphorus. This committee also focuses on the sustainability of the lake so that it can double its
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