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Q1P1F09 - S o Lurrx 0N5 seat A Fall 2009 QUIZ#1 Physics...

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Unformatted text preview: S o Lurrx 0N5 . seat: A Fall 2009 QUIZ #1 Physics 2213 A Test Form # 630 Name 1) Print your name, test form number, and your full 9-digit Georgia Tech ID number in the section of 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 1) the answer card labeled "STUDENT IDENTIFICATION". Bubble in your test form number in columns 1-3, skip a space, and bubble in your student number in columns 5-13. For each multiple choice question select the answer most nearly correct, circle this answer on your test, and bubble it in on your answer card. ‘ Do not put any extra marks on the card. Turn in your test and answer card as you leave by the lower exit. During the exam, no programmable calculator with alphanumeric display shall be allowed. No exceptionl. (Question value 20 points) A transverse harmonic wave on a string is described by y(x, t) = 0.10 sin(9x + 32t— 7r/2) where x and y are in m and t is in s. What are the period, wavelength, and direction of motion (a) (b) of this wave? 31 ms, 70 cm, positive x direction 31 ms, 11 cm, negative x direction 0 0.20 s, 70 cm, negative x direction (d) 0.20 s, 11 cm, positive x direction (e) None of the bove Tke, 9M fM a—F a "IYV'rIfl/ML AQI‘Mo/H; MVQ; rgzn,+3-;A:,Actxiw++¢) 2) (Question value 20 points) What are the two lowest natural frequencies of oscillation for the air column in a glass tube that is 50 cm in length and has one end closed and the other open ( assume v = 340 m/s ? , m (b) 340 Hz, 680 Hz (c) 170 Hz, 340 Hz (d) 340 Hz, 1020 Hz (6) None of the above Ea \ fi-M -._ 1‘1. ’FuflAflMww wuuLL; ’Ffow 4/:A4‘ $4.. )‘ . - L. quuékt—Lt Tim, 4:31:er \ Lf‘... ‘ 2:- H- an; 433:3.tw_5/o a 4‘3"“.p [Ad/Main \.C 7 3% ..4L @fl" iingls‘? L le— L.——>l Test Form 630, A. Erbil ...
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