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1. The diacetylation of morphine produced what addictive drug? a. Crystal meth b. Heroin c. Cocaine d. Marijuana 2. What is the half-life of Nicotine in the body a. 6 minutes b. 60 minutes c. 6 hours d. 6 days 3. Sildenafil is what modern medicine? a. Aleve b. Midol c. Viagra d. Icy hot 4. Reye’s Syndrom causes a. Swelling of the brain and liver damage b. The heart to shut down c. High blood pressure d. Paralysis of the legs 5. What is Tylenol 3? a. Triple the normal dose b. Tylenol mixed with codeine c. Tylenol mixed with papaverine d. Anti-inflammatory 6. Which of the following is not represented by aspirin a. Anti-inflammatory b. Analgesic c. Antipyretic d. Antidiaretic 7. Why has the rate of children dying from Aspirin poisoning dropped since 1970? a. People have gotten smarter-kept out of the reach of children b. Bottle caps have changed c. Children are not as curious as they used to be
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d. Both A & B e. A, B, & C 8. Baeyer brand Aspirin is better than CVS brand a. True b. False 9. Which of the following medicines have the most known side effects? a. Aspirin b. Acetaminophen c. Ibuprofen d. Naproxen 10. What is the main difference between medicine and drugs a. No difference b. Drugs are illegal c. Both are prescribed d. Medicine is only used for illness 11. Opium is derived from which of the following a. Dried sap of the poppy b. Bark of a willow tree c. Cocoa beans d. Crushed flowers from poppy leaves 12. What is not a possible benefit of aspirin? a.
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Studentquestions_F07 - 1 The diacetylation of morphine...

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