3300Winter2010Syl - FIN 3300-02 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Winter...

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FIN 3300-02 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Winter 2010 Instructor: Jerry Liu Lecture Hours: TR 4:00—5:50PM VBT 124 Course Website: https://bb3.csuhayward.edu/ Office: VBT 333 Office Hours: TR 2:30-4:00 pm or by appointment Email: jerry.liu@csueastbay.edu Telephone: 510-885-4796 Course Description Corporate finance is concerned with the lifeblood of a company, money: how it is obtained to finance the business and how it should be used to assure the business's success. This course is designed around the tenet that "Good investors make good managers." In helping you think like a Wall Street native, this course will provide a discipline about how you approach business problems that should yield substantial professional dividends irrespective of your functional concentration. This course will focus on becoming familiar with the fundamental concepts of business finance. Illustrative topics include: -Why is a dollar today worth more than a dollar tomorrow? -What determines the price of stocks and bonds? -What return would you require for investing in your brother Steve's new business venture? Although we will spend some time on the theory to give you a conceptual understanding of some key principles, the course will focus most heavily on working problems and becoming familiar with the financial tools that you will be most applicable to work in the business world. Likewise, for evaluation, you will be expected to really master the required tools, whereas acquire only a broad, yet sufficient, understanding of the theory. Text and References
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3300Winter2010Syl - FIN 3300-02 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Winter...

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