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CHST 1A - Handout # 4 - Nativism anti immigrant sentiment...

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CHICANO STUDIES 1A HANDOUT #4 The Conquered Generation – Mexicans, after becoming “citizens” are still faced with violent struggles in their new homeland of the US… loss of political rights, loss of land, etc. Californios – Mexicans now living in “California” after the war… white anglos came and squatted on their farmland, effectively stealing it, as Mexicans had no official paperwork claiming their land
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Unformatted text preview: Nativism anti immigrant sentiment The influx of European immigrants created strong feelings of nativism, much like we see today against latino immigrants Porfirio Daz -Porfiriato (1877-1910) Push and Pull Theory of Immigration Mexican Revolution of 1910 Immigrant Generation Racialization Mexican Jobs, Mexican Wages, Mexican Barrios Mexican Schools Mutualistas Immigration Law of 1924...
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