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History 4C First Section - • estate...

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History 14C – First Section –Prof Edgar -website on hist dept site has syllabus, lecture outlines, and assignments THE OLD REGIME: STATES AND SOCIETIES IN 18 th CENTURY EUROPE Defining the old regime – refers to political and social syste BEFORE French revolution Main features – monarchy, social hierarchy and privelidge, powerful church “old regime” was not static or unchanging, it was given this name AFTER the revolution A Society of Estates nobility – special judicial treatment, exempt from taxes, special rights to bear arms, only ones allowed t o hold positions in gov/military, but not all nobles were of equal status. First born son maintained the estate clergy – church owns large percent of land (5-10 percent in france), church taxes people, commoners 18 th Century Social and Econ Changes new global econ commercial capitalism social mobility/rise of bourgeoise urbanization population growth and poverty The COMING OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION Roots of revolution in France
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Unformatted text preview: • estate system (hierarchy) (those who pray, fight, or work) (clergy, nobility, and commoners, respectively) • itersection of two crises • political – bankruptcy of French monarch, conflict over taxation (and lack of) • economic/social –growing poverty and population, recession of 1770s • rise of new public sphere • role of enlightenment ideas LIBERALS NATIONALISTS AND REVOLUTIONS (1815-1848) Mazzini – wanted to see a united italy based on French revolution principals. A radical/nationalist who founded “Young Italy” a nationalist mvmnt. Similar movements arose in 1840’s around Europe Edmund Burke – conservatism epitome. Liberals are destroying the social structure. It has passed the test of time, why do we need to change it? 1789vs 1848 – 1848 revolutions happened much more quickly, and mostly all failed. Collapsed in face of conservative repression main result of these revolutions strengthened forces of repression...
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History 4C First Section - • estate...

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