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First Section Notes - Human Sexuality STDs (1/26) STI =...

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Unformatted text preview: Human Sexuality STDs (1/26) STI = infection, even when no symptoms are present Chlamydia o Not common at UCSB o 3-5 million new cases each year in USA o common in cities o 70% asymptomatic (no symtptoms) o symptoms: itching or pain burning on urination discharge o Males prostatiitis, epididymitis, sterility o Females cervictitis, PID, sterility o People should be tested again 3-4 months after treatment ends o Sexually active females should get tested once a year up to age 24, and at doctors discretion after 24 o If mother is infectd, it can cause dangers to newborn Genital Warts o 40 million aericans have em o there are 100 strains of HPV 30 of which lead to genital warts 70% of college kids have HPV (or HPV anitbodies, showing theyve had it) 1 st outbreak usually occurs 6 to 8 weeks after infection sometimes, symtpoms can wait years to surface 1/3 of genital warts are precancerous in females cervical cancer is rather easily cured o 20% of genital warts just go away eventually o 60% are controlled by doctors o 20% very difficult to control o Treatment Genital Herpes o 1 million new cases a year in USA o herpes 1: cold sores...
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First Section Notes - Human Sexuality STDs (1/26) STI =...

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