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124 Writing Two- Definition

124 Writing Two- Definition - Noah Greenberg Lawso 124 May...

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Noah Greenberg Lawso 124 May 2009 Writing Two: Definition Global color line, exploitation Since the brink of capitalism employers have found ways to undercut their workers in order to increase company profits. This process of exploitation through waged labor is significant all over the globe, from American shores to the farther corners of Africa and Asia. This worldwide process of exploitation; the creation of a surplus by one segment of the population whose use is controlled by another portion of the populace, is enabled through what W.E.B. Du Bois coined the “global color line.” For Du Bois, the color line between whites and colored people exists not only in the United States, but also throughout the world through the processes of American and European colonization, securing resources for white power. This process of exploiting workers over seas is made possible through the global color line, and indeed formulates a system driven by racism. By examining the relationship between exploitation, the global color line, and capitalism, we can develop a definition of racism; any process in which certain divisions of people are oppressed by another group of people because of non-secular reasons, including skin color, gender, or social class.
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