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Noah Greenberg January 7, 2009 Lawso 151 Section: Wednesdays @ 2 Week 1 Reading This week’s three readings gave a widespread history of the Israel/Palestine conflict. The three pieces provided an objective, chronological format, as well as both pro Palestine and pro Israel subjectivities. Throughout the readings, what struck me as most interesting was the unmistakable parallels between the issues faced in the Middle Eastern conflict and the American Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s. Beinin and Hajjar’s piece describes Arabs living in Israel as “second class citizens,” not able to join trade unions, whose land was confiscated by the government. As well, the writing tells of inferior health care, education, and public works for Arab citizens, which sounds all to similar to the segregated or “separate but equal” America of the 60’s. Finally, like Africa
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Unformatted text preview: Americans living in a country which honors all free white men, Israel declared itself as a primarily Jewish state, disadvantaging Arabs, who as Muslims or Drewz were by default inferior to the rest of the nation. Although David Harris piece attempted to justify many of the actions of Israel, it is difficult not to see the similarities between Israels historical social record and the infamous past of the United States. Still, just as Americas Civil Rights movement advanced the position of blacks, it is clear that many advancements have been made in the situation of Arabs. Q: Most of Americas recent Presidents have worked for peace in the Middle East while maintaining a relatively pro Israel stance. Has there been a U.S. President in recent history who supported the annihilation of Israel and the forgoing of Palestine?...
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