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151 Reading Discussion Week 2

151 Reading Discussion Week 2 - Still despite the...

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Noah Greenberg Kamali January 13, 2009 Lawso 151 This week’s readings in Professor Hajjar’s book Courting Conflict raised extremely interesting issues of the legality and morality of Israeli Military Courts. One aspect of the reading I found most interesting was the immense differences between Israeli courts and US courts, despite the fact that both are housed in “democratic” nations. Israel’s use of “secret evidence” provided by anonymous sources to convict criminals is a blatant violation of due process, in not permitting the accused to know their accuser.
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Unformatted text preview: Still, despite the controversial allegations brought against the military courts, one must keep in mind the atrocities that the courts are attempting to prevent, which is what makes the issue so heated. While Israel has clearly violated the Geneva Conventions in the past few decades, one is hesitant to condemn the tortuous acts when considering the thousands of lives saved by thwarting potential terrorist attacks. Q: Have any foreign nations attempted to indict any Israelis for their tortuous practices?...
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