151 Reading Discussion Week 3

151 Reading Discussion Week 3 - in today’s media. Rarely...

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Noah Greenberg Kamali January 17, 2009 Lawso 151 The piece provided by Professor Hajjar does an excellent job in summarizing the errs of both Israel and Hamas in leading to the most recent installment to the crisis in the West Bank and Gaza. In what the author describes as “a war neither party trul wanted,” both groups have suffered tremendous losses between the rocket attacks on Israel and the complete embargo on goods and resources to Gaza. The piece calls for action by both groups in what has become a very dismal situation over the past few weeks. The writing gives a seemingly objective view on the conflict, which is hard to find
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Unformatted text preview: in today’s media. Rarely do we find a piece, critical of both sides of the issue, calling for immediate resolution on behalf of both parties. By pointing out the fault in Israel of entering the conflict with shortsighted goals, and the errors of Hamas’ obvious threats against Israel in provoking attacks the author is able to maintain a neutral ground, giving their argument much more bearing than that of one sided rants Q: Because Hamas does not have control over the people in Gaza, what is the point in putting an embargo on its civilians?...
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