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151 Reading Discussion Week 5

151 Reading Discussion Week 5 - advocating The usage of...

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Noah Greenberg Kamali Lawso 151 February 3, 2009 The first section of Phillipe Sands book “Torture Team,” introduces the reader to the long and extensive journey Sands takes in attempting to dispose the players behind the creation and signing off of the Rumsfield torture memo which replaced FM 34-52. From military lawyers to Navy Generals to Commanders once in charge at Guantanamo Bay, Sands fully investigates the background and process taken in legalizing certain forms of torture at Guantanamo, going against over 150 years of American tradition of not torturing, initialized by President Abraham Lincoln, and made official by the Geneva Conventions and Torture Conventions, of which America is both signatory and extremely
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Unformatted text preview: advocating. The usage of passages from Detainee 063s Interrogation Log at the close of each chapter adds an immense amount of character to the book. For one, the extensive, seemingly never ending 53 days of torture seem to parallel the wild goose hunt which Phillipe Sands takes in researching for the book. As well, by inputting a few examples of the torture legalized by the very people being interviewed, the reader can relate the results of these peoples actions to real life pain and experience. This certainly adds a certain aspect to the piece not found in other books. Question: Does the fact that certain Taliban rebels have beheaded American journalists compromise their right to not be tortured collectively?...
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151 Reading Discussion Week 5 - advocating The usage of...

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