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151 Reading Discussion Week 8 - plight of those willing to...

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Noah Greenberg February 2009 Section: Wednesday @ 2 This week’s piece Erased In A Moment from Human Rights Watch provided an extensive overview of the suicide bombing attacks in Israel over the past two decades. The article covered a vast amount of perspectives, ideologies, and theories for why people make themselves suicide bombers, attempting to both spread light on the situation as well as grasp for a solution to the current crisis, which has killed hundreds of Israelis, and injured thousands more. By studying former examples of terror attacks and suicides and the reasoning and explanations behind them, the piece attempts to reach a more holistic solution, not only bringing the suicide bombings to a halt, but also to understand the
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Unformatted text preview: plight of those willing to end their lives in a moment for the cause they believe in. The article’s “Recommendations” section, which called upon several people, groups and factors related to the crisis to action, was extremely provoking. It is not often that a single, theoretically objective group has set forth demands for everyone from President Arafat and the Palestinian Authority, to the Government in Israel, to the International community. This unique act may be exactly the kind of steps needed to be taken to solve the catastrophic issues facing Israel. Question: How do Israeli forces explain the legality of demolishing homes of suicide bomber’s families?...
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