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Noah Greenberg Keith Harmon Snow’s Tuesday night lecture was by far the most interesting ninety minutes in my time here at UCSB. As he repeatedly shattered nearly every reality I had known concerning the Congo, Darfur, Sierra Leone, Israel/Palestine, the United States Government, and even Hollywood, it became clear to me that Keith Harmon Snow was practically living in a different world than I. According to Snow, every truth I have read in the newspaper has been a lie. “Don’t read the newspaper,” was practically his mantra. After years and years traveling the world, from Africa to Israel, Snow delivered such bold statements as that the organization 1-800-GENOCIDE, which donates money to the cause in Darfur every time someone dials this number, actually gives money to cover up the truth about the atrocities in Darfur; that contrary to common perception and the media, it is actually the Hutu’s who are being sleighed and raped by their government, while being framed for the entire fiasco. Snow suggested even more
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