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Extra Credit on Sudan

Extra Credit on Sudan - account of life in the Sudan from...

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Last Thursday’s program on violence in the Sudan, “Hear the Voice of the Voiceless” was both informative and inspiring. Beginning with an informational documentary titled Darfur Now, the program informed the audience not only about the many atrocities present in the Sudan, but some of the ways people are trying to help as well. The video finished with Governor Schwarzenegger signing a bill saying that California will no longer fund the Sudanese government, as much of the funds are going towards the genocide. Multiple states have signed this pact recently thanks to the driving force behind the program, Adam Sterling, with support from many big names in Hollywood including Don Cheadle and George Clooney. Following the film was a series of speakers, the most interesting, a first hand
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Unformatted text preview: account of life in the Sudan from 17 year old Nyuol Tong. Tong was born and raised in Africa, but fled after miraculously surviving a run in with the militia. Nyuol has now founded SELF, a program which helps Sudanese and other African refugees. This lecture was by far the most rewarding I have attended this year. The stories told of how college students such as Adam Sterling and Sarah Spier were inspired to action by either a college course or a story they heard was truly amazing. On campus groups like The Coalition are doing their part to solve issues like the genocide in the Sudan, and programs such as “Hear the Voice of the Voiceless” are doing a great job in informing the general public....
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