Extra Credit with Jeffery Toobin

Extra Credit with Jeffery Toobin - Beyond Toobin’s vast...

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Jeffrey Toobin’s lecture Thursday in Campbell Hall on the Supreme Court covered a vast amount of information, and was extremely informative and interesting. Toobin began the night with a brief history of the Supreme Court in the 20 th century, from the years of Presidents Nixon and Reagan, through the Rehnquist years, and into the implications of the recent election. He explained how the stakes were higher this election concerning the Court than they have been in years. Obama will most likely be able to place three new Justices of his choice onto the bench, something that could possibly reverse the relatively conservative ways of the current Supreme Court.
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Unformatted text preview: Beyond Toobin’s vast knowledge of the Court, he also shared many stories and anecdotes gathered from decades spent working in upper legal circles with CNN. I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture, as Toobin was able to keep the audience listening and interested. His story about meeting Al Gore and bragging about how he was the biggest Bush v. Gore fan in the world was extremely funny, and a great example of the many places in which he has worked over the years. I left the building Thursday night with a much greater knowledge of the Supreme Court, and am very happy about attending....
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