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Lawso Discussion Summary 6

Lawso Discussion Summary 6 - way which it treats rape cases...

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Noah Greenberg Jason Hopkins Lawso 1 Thursdays 2:00 PM November 19, 2008 This weeks readings dealt primarily with women’s rights, both in cases of domestic abuse and rape. However, more than simply discussing these two pressing issues in our society, the authors delved into some of the legal obstacles in our society concerning the abuse of women. The first piece, by Sally Engle Merry focused on the difficulties many women face upon deciding weather or not too press charges against their battering husbands or boyfriends. In her research, Merry found that women report a range of problems, from dealing with the good wife vs. good citizen dilemma, to the intimidating façade of the courts and American legal system. In a related case, Susan Estrich discussed the setbacks of the legal system in the
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Unformatted text preview: way which it treats rape cases. Pointing out how rape cases commonly put the victim on trial in an attempt to “prove non consent,” Estrich argues that the American value of letting ten guilty men go before convicting one innocent man has released thousands of rapists into the streets without a wince of punishment. Estrich’s argument that the legal system is set up in a way which puts women at a disadvantage in multiple cases can be easily connected to Engle Merry’s piece. Both in the cases of battered women and rape victims, there are clear parts of the legal system, be they the intimidation factor for first time legal system facing women, or the tendency of the courts to put rape victims on the spot....
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Lawso Discussion Summary 6 - way which it treats rape cases...

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