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Lawso Discussion Summary 7

Lawso Discussion Summary 7 - gave another brief history of...

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Noah Greenberg Jason Hopkins Lawso 1 Thursdays 2:00 PM December 3, 2008 This weeks readings included a piece by Professor Hajjar herself on human rights as a whole, as well as the last chapter of Lynn Hunt’s book, which gave an insight into the future of human rights. Professor Hajjar’s piece “Human Rights” covers human rights from an international perspective, citing examples of Nazi Germany and the war in Bosnia. She also displays the transformation in the United Nations with the passing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the results of the Torture and Genocide Conventions. The writing concludes with the present issues in human rights discussion, including the gap between what is written in the law books, and what is actually enforced. Likewise, Hunt’s concluding chapter to her book Inventing Human Rights
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Unformatted text preview: gave another brief history of some of the issues facing human rights over the years. Focusing on the way various cultures justified racism, Hunt discussed how “biological” differences were created to defend their cause, bringing a symbiotic relationship between imperialism and racial science. The chapter ends with a discussion of Karl Marx and the introduction of communism to the human rights paradigm. The two pieces together form a beautiful conclusion to this quarter’s introduction to human rights, in introducing the current issues, and in introducing a more complex sphere to way in which we govern human relations. Question: Which countries were the leader’s in excluding scientific racism as a source of law making, and how did these countries eventually change the minds of other nations?...
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Lawso Discussion Summary 7 - gave another brief history of...

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