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Richard Faulk and Robin Wright

Richard Faulk and Robin Wright - R ichard Faulk and Robin...

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Richard Faulk and Robin Wright; Winning and Losing in Gaza Robin Wright and Richard Faulk’s collaborative lecture on January 22, “Winning and Losing in Gaza” was a thought provoking debate between two of academia’s highest esteemed minds on the subject. Faulk’s lecture revolved around the idea that Gaza is what he describes as an “atrocity producing situation.” With bombs exploding all over Gaza, and refugees not allowed out of the territory, it is the first time in history that civilians have literally been locked in a warzone. Moreover, with 50% of Gaza civilians being under age 15, and 70% of its civilians being under age 18, the recent battles in Gaza are practically a war against children. Calling on Israel to halt their attacks, Faulk recalled the Vietnam war, where America won all of the critical battles, but lost the war in the end, stating that wars on won on the political battlefield, not the war battlefield. Robin Wright’s follow up presentation was equally informative, while
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