Psy Final Fair Game Sheet

Psy Final Fair Game Sheet - T hinking Geons and"impossible...

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Thinking Geons and "impossible figures" Geons : primitive objects Imposisble figures: those that don’t connect (e.g. the 3 prong fork with two legs) Prototype theory of meaning Spreading activation Stroop effect and automatization Stroop effect: the interference between automatized (what your use to) and deliberate (what you’re being asked to do) ways of thinking - harder to count compared to red or describe color Mental rotation and map image-scanning studies Change blindness Attentional blink Nature of expertise Algorithms and heuristics Heuristics: representativeness and availability Representativeness heuristic - when only a few instances are taken to represent an entire category Base-rate information Availability heuristic - our basing our decision the most easily recalled alternatives Overconfidence Confirmation bias Framing bias: when the wording of a problem leads us to a decision
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Framing effects and “spin” Reframing : our attitudes and feelings depend strongly upon the context in which they are framed; changing the context in which our attitudes and feelings are solicited can change those attitudes and feelings; Spin : they take something scientific and spin it into something catastrophic (e.g. overpopulation -> population decresed, coming Ice Age -> global warming) Development Epigenetic landscape (Conrad Waddington) - we can’t affect a person’s height (deeply canalized); to make a person taller or smaller takes a huge effort "Nature-nurture" problem - whether a trait is genetically influence does not imply that it is fixed (non-plastic) o in deprivation swarism, malnutrition can override height, which is usually fixed o in phenylketonuria (PKU), a simple dietary change can bypass a genetic flaw o in carotenism people can turn orange by eating too many carrots, or with too much sun they can turn redder and darker Identical vs. fraternal twins
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Psy Final Fair Game Sheet - T hinking Geons and"impossible...

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