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Chapter 6 Learning Textbook

Chapter 6 Learning Textbook - likelihood that it will be...

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*B.F. Skinner- started as a novelist after the poet Robert Frost read some of his work -to explore large questions about the human conditions -psych as his calling after reading the John N. Watsons’s Behaviorism -disdain for introspection; instead, observable actions- the behaviors that people and animals display -his book “Walden Two’ depicts a utopia in which children are raised only with praise and incentives *Learning= relatively enduring change in behavior, resulting from experience -Conditioning: a process in which environmental stimuli and behavioral responses become connected (associated) (ex. Fear with dentistry) 1. Classical conditioning (Pavlovian conditioning) -A type of learned response that occurs when a neutral object comes to elicit a reflexive response when it is associated with a stimulus that already produces that response -Ex. Scary movie= heart beats faster 2. Operant Conditioning (Instrumental Conditioning) -A learning process in which the consequences of an action determine the
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Unformatted text preview: likelihood that it will be performed in the future-Ex. 3. Other types- learning by observing others (ex. Learning about new fashions by paying attention to what celebrities are wearing)-Watson: behaviorism -John Lock’s tabula rasa (blank state)- infants are born knowing nothing and that all knowledge is acquire though sensory experiences-Influenced by Pavlov’s salivary reflex= the automatic and unlearned response that occurs when a food stimulus is presented *Conditioned Behavioral Responses-behavioral response= window to the working mind---acquired through experience *Acquisition, Extinction, and Spontaneous Recovery -Acquisition: The gradual formation of an association between the CS and US-Extinction: A process in which the CR is weakened when the CS is repeated without the US-Pavlov greatly influenced by Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species”...
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