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Lecture 7-Perception

Lecture 7-Perception - Lecture7.Perception Stimulus...

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Lecture 7. Perception Stimulus detection Attention Top-down Processing Depth Perception Motion za •Detecting Presence of a Stimulus—˜ È•· detect -Detection threshold= absolute threshold= lowest amount of stimulus energy needed to produce a perception -Discrimination threshold: Weber’s Law..Just noticeable difference (JND) •Signal Detection Theory ex. Missile, MRI- detect cancer -Psychophysics: the old and major way of looking at perception -SDT: measures detection thresholds 4 Possibilities in this method…the subject can : softer---louder Hit there is a sound and there really is a sound Miss there is a sound but can’t notice no sound False Alarm there is sound but there is no sound Correct Rejection there is no sound and there’s no sound -   By plotting the Hits vs. False alarms on a graph, one can get a very accurate account of a  Subject’s sensitivity (these can vary from person to person ) -curve for “yes sound is made: and no sound is made” and detection threshold drawn in the center •Visual Attention and Binding •Attention -a high level feature/ capability of the mind Metaphorically attention may act as a: filter, -only one filtered
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glue, -combine tv and auditory experience spotlight -play a key role in visual perception Early Selection : we can choose which stimuli we attend to even before we process their basic features. Late Selection : we take in sensory information, process it and THEN select which aspects of the stimuli should be attended.---want to select the ones that we want Ex.
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Lecture 7-Perception - Lecture7.Perception Stimulus...

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