Lecture 14 Emotion

Lecture 14 Emotion - Oct 19/2010 Valence Activation Not...

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Aroused Activation Valence Negative Positive Not Aroused Smile Happy Oct. 19/2010 L Ä tur Éå Emotion ™+ ? • ´ µ“t is an Imotion? A ·rr™I to &s P¸¹‚“t (muº 7 @ s moo‚ ( lon‚ @ &&r te &n Pmotions IEmotions Jr™ &ri[C &n& mYny wor»s e &n &‘ [t involv& @[email protected]&tionse ¼l oro&&ssCs & &sure »Yinitiv‘ ³¶ &tion t&&t YC m¿ ´wN ”n &o´nitions &n& &motions &r ´SN ”w–rz’s ” “–&&t&&s&in&orm±tion ± p [Ct&& &y som&ti» merk&rsY — Emotions oromot´ surviv´l ”n– r4oro&u&tion± l&& to ²L “viors && -Emotions help us prepare and guide our behaviors -They help us survive and reproduce -Interpreting facial expressions is important for knowing what someone is feeling and predicting what they might do next to improve relationships -Why else might they be adaptive?
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Oct. 19/2010 *A display rule – specify when and how certain people can express emotion *Blushing is a nonverbal way of admitting a mistake *Emotion is phenomenological= we experience it subjectively; we FEEL it; can be extreme Ex. Mood disorders depression and panic attacks can become immobilized Ex. Alexithymia= a disorder in which people do not experience emotions’ subjective component Elliot has it as a result of his brain surgery which damages his prefrontal cortex *Prefrontal Cortex -unequal activation of the left and right hemispheres is associated with “cerebral asymmetry”, specific emotional state -right activation= negative effect, left hemi activation= positive effect
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Lecture 14 Emotion - Oct 19/2010 Valence Activation Not...

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