Psychology Movie Assignment - A nalysis of Good Will...

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Analysis of “Good Will Hunting” Sol Song Psychology 2 Zachary A. Rosner What is the most important aspect of psychoanalysis> Good Will Hunting is a movie that portrays a young math genius who transforms his life through meeting a psychologist named Sean Mcguire. Living in a poor village of South Boston, Will Hunting works as a genitor in MIT despite his unparallel intelligence. When the MIT Professor Lambeau discovers that the “Mysterious Math Magician,” who has proven the advanced math theories that are unsolvable to his students, is actually Will, Lambeau releases him from the bail under two conditions: assisting his math problems and seeing therapists regularly. However, this rebellious trouble-maker refuses to open his mind to any therapists except Sean Mcguire. Through his friendly and persistent counseling, Sean finds the roots of Will’s arrogance and defensiveness, and teaches how to reconcile with the world and live a meaningful life. Will’s mind is totally dominated by trauma over his sober and grievous childhood; this was his greatest hindrance to rebuild his life. As an orphan, he was adopted three times, and all the foster parents were violent and unloving. Will confesses that he and his brother had to choose from a belt, a stick, or a wrench to be beaten by his father for no reason. Unconsciously letting his resentment reside within himself, Will reveals his obsession with violence. For instance, he suddenly loses his temper and punches a random guy on the street until he is almost dead,
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Psychology Movie Assignment - A nalysis of Good Will...

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