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Textbook 1- intro to phych

Textbook 1- intro to phych - next Ex Schizophrenia Biploar...

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7 Themes of Psychological Science 1. Psychology is an Empirical Science -use scientific method: objective, systematic procedures—intelligent consumer of resaerch -“good science”: well-conducted study. “bad science”: flawed research 2. Nature and nurture are inextricably entwined.- enmeshed, inseparable -Nature/ Nurture Debate: biologically innate or acquired thru education, experience, and culture (beliefs, values, rules, and customs that exist within a group of ppl who share a common language and environment and that are transmitted thru learning from one generation to the
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Unformatted text preview: next) Ex. Schizophrenia, Biploar disorder: experiences change brain structures, which in turn influence experiences within environments 3. The brain and mind are inseparable-Mind/ body problem: whether mind and body are separate and distinct or whether the mind is simply the subjective experience of the physical brain 4. A new biological revolution is energizing research 5. The mind is adaptive 6. Psychological science crosses levels of analysis 7. We often are unaware of the multiple influences on how we think, feel, and act....
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