Chapter 9 Starvation

Chapter 9 Starvation - calories(body is using a lot of...

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Chapter 9. Starvation *4 most nutritional concepts from the film -rehabilitation; calories; extra protein & vitamins -Extra protein= need protein to build up the body BUT!! They can’t absorb the protein; starved people don’t have digestive enzymes; -they can be re-fed but they will die in 12 hours due to hypertension Cf. should have high carbs; make them feel satiated -Satiation= he couldn’t fit any more food in his stomach but he was still hungry -Mental Aspect -Body demanded more calories exceedingly low leptin level since he had no fat tissues -he didn’t get a signal that he got the enough food -Decrease in leptin level -Decrease in Energy Expenditure; Didn’t have a will to do anything; unhappy; lack of interest in women -Decrease in their body temperature no fat for insulation; leptin was so low, so they weren’t conserving energy instead of as heat -Decrease in reproductive hormones -During rehabilitation, they kept eating until they got fat but still feeling hungry with 4000
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Unformatted text preview: calories (body is using a lot of regulatory system)-broke fast and went on binge eating person on a diet just breaks down biology overcomes the intellectual pursuit, interests, etc. they had someone watching them all the time-psychological response more important than physiological response-Change in attitude towards food Psychological problems: intolerance; irritation; road rage; depression (collecting cook books; incredible focus on food)-had Edema: protein deficiency, since they are lacking energy in general so protein is all used to produce albumin or energy-System breaks down (can’t eat right away) can’t handle food -low digestive enzymes-mucosal cells, villi, and microvilli cannot be produced-Size of all the organ shrinks ex. Pancreas doesn’t work-reduced regulatory system-poor muscle control *People on a diet-metabolism slows down lower energy expenditure-they need to have an understanding of psychological consequences of dieting...
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