Chapter 5 Note - Chapter 5. Lipids 5.1 Fat in the Modern...

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Chapter 5. Lipids 5.1 Fat in the Modern Diet *Uses -smooth texture, rich flavor, and smell -tenderize/ for juice and flavor -source of essential fatty acids -carry fat-soluble vitamins -make taste food ex. exceedingly lean meat (rabbit) is awful-- need to be braised with fluid *In the Body 1. Fuel -main form stored energy= almost limitless -primary fuel for muscle -emergency fuel for illness & low kcal intake -every cells is surrounded by lipid layer -Fat Paradox: withstand the stress more to live longer 2. Structural- main component of cell membranes: phosopholipid (also emulsifier) -water-soluble heads cannot interact with bloodstream -lipid bilayer- interact within the blood, with the nutrients 3. Thermal Insulation/ Brown Fat (non-shivering) -give off heat/ warm up -babies ALSO Adults have brown fat: if living in cold places/ between shoulder blades 4. Pad internal organs 5. Converted to many other compounds------used for synthesis *Essential Fatty Acids (methyl group (CH3) + COOH) 1. Cell membranes: shape of FA determines fluidity 2. Production of Eicosanoids Cell signals for: a. GI tract motility b. Blood clotting d. Inflammation (Inhibited by Aspirin and NSAIDS) *Fatty Acids- length from a few to 20 or more; mostly from 14 to 22 1. Short Chain= 4-7, remain liquid at cold temperatures (ex. milk) 2. Medium Chain=8-12 ex. Coconut oil 3. Long= greater than 12 ex. Beef fat, remain solid at room temperature *Endocannabinoids- found in milk; potent as marijuana
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Chapter 5 Note - Chapter 5. Lipids 5.1 Fat in the Modern...

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