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Chapter 2 Note - Chapter 2. Nutritional Guidelines...

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Chapter 2. Nutritional Guidelines 1. Nutrition Recommendations for the Modern Diet -differ in genetic background, activity level, age, gender, etc. at home with families *Early Nutrition Recommendations -1860’s: Industrial revolutions cause homeless and hungry people *In the States -the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs): for widespread food limitations from WWll - Dietary reference Intakes, or DRIs : a set of reference values for the intake of energy, nutrients, and food components that can be used for planning and assessing the diets of healthy people in the United States and Canada. 2. DRI Calcium, phosp B vitamins and Antioxidants (v Vitamins A and Energy and ma Electrolytes an -include values for different life-stage groups: Groupings of individuals based on stages of growth and development, pregnancy, and lactation that have similar nutrient needs. *Nutrient Recommendations 1. Estimated Average Requirements (EARs): Intakes that meet the estimated nutrient needs of 50% of individuals in a gender and life-stage group.; evaluate the nutrient intake of populations -measurable functional marker for adequacy: Criteria of Adequacy: Functional indicators, such as the level of a nutrient in the blood or the appearance of a deficiency symptom, that can be measured to determine the biological effect of a level of nutrient intake. 2.  Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) : Intakes that are sufficient to meet the nutrient needs of almost all healthy people in a specific life-stage and gender group. 3
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Chapter 2 Note - Chapter 2. Nutritional Guidelines...

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