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syllabus_BCAC_fall_10 - BUS 2200(08 BUSINESS CYCLE...

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BUS 2200 (08) – BUSINESS CYCLE ACCOUNTING CONCEPTS Fall 2010, Term 1 Notre Dame de Namur University Course Details Course Instructor: Jordan Holtzman E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Before or after class; by appointment; by phone Time: Thursdays, 6:00-10:15 PM Course Website: www.jordanscourses.homestead.com Required Materials Financial Accounting by Libby, Libby & Short. Publisher: McGraw-Hill Irwin. ISBN#: 978-0-07-293117-4. Course Topics This course covers the following topics: Review of the Basic Accounting Model and GAAP Financial Statements and the Accounting Cycle Financial Statement Analysis Using accounting information to evaluate and predict company performance Internal Control Methods Short and Long Term Budgeting and Profit Planning Methods Debt and Equity Financing: Strategy and Accounting Treatment Special (current) topics in Accounting Practice Using Excel for short and long-term budgeting You will need a basic understanding of financial accounting (debits and credits, income statement, balance sheet, etc.) as a prerequisite for this course. Basic proficiency with Microsoft Excel is also required. Class Procedure A general process to follow for this class is: 1. Attend lecture. 2. Prepare homework problems* based on material presented in lecture and the textbook reading. 3. Turn in your homework at the beginning of class. 1
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4. Check your answers against solutions presented in class and answer keys (distributed after work is turned in). Ask questions and clarify your understanding of the material in class or office hours. FAIR WARNING
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syllabus_BCAC_fall_10 - BUS 2200(08 BUSINESS CYCLE...

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