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BUS 2300 (01) - MARKETING PRINCIPLES Fall 2010 Notre Dame de Namur Course Details Course Instructor: Jordan Holtzman E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: After class, by appointment or phone Time & Location: TR, 10:50 AM -12:05 PM Course Website: Required Materials Marketing, An Introduction , 9 th Edition by Armstrong & Kotler (Publisher: Pearson Prentice Hall). ISBN#: 0-13-602119-0. Course Topics Marketing Principles surveys the activities involved in transferring goods and services from producers to consumers. Strategic decisions concerning product, pricing policies, promotion, and place (the 4 P’s) are studied. The course will be taught in several different formats, including: (1) Lectures on Marketing concepts, methods and examples (2) In-class cases and activities requiring active student participation (3) Project presentations that allow students to apply course topics Class Procedure A general process to follow for this class is: 1. Read the appropriate chapter(s) in the text. 2. Attend lecture, participate in class discussions and activities and ask questions to clarify your understanding of the material. 3. Come to office hours with any lingering questions or concerns. 4. Begin work early on your projects and solicit instructor feedback as needed. Grading Final grades will be determined as follows: First Exam 10% 1
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Second Exam 10% Third Exam 10% Marketing Research Project 12% (Group Project) 4 P’s Project 12% (Group Project) Online Assignments 42% (3 worth 10%, 1 worth 12% each) Research Survey Participation 4% TOTAL 100% Class attendance and participation will be used to adjust grades upwards or downwards as appropriate. Note: Cancellation of any graded course item above will result in a re-distribution of grading weights for the remaining items in proportion to the weights initially assigned to those items. Note: Group members are expected to contribute equally when working on the Marketing Research and 4 P’s projects. An individual student’s grade may be penalized if other group members agree that the student has not contributed equally. You may work individually on any “Group” project with the instructor’s permission. LATE SUBMISSION POLICY : Out of fairness to your classmates and in keeping with our goal of training you to function in the business world, NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED . Assignments submitted after the designated due date and time will receive a grade of zero. NO EXCEPTIONS. Exams The three exams in this course are given online in the computer lab on the designated days (see course schedule). Be sure to arrive at the computer lab (in St. Mary’s) instead of our regular classroom location on exam days. All exam questions are multiple choice and test the material presented in the text and
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syllabus_MKPRIN_fall_10 - BUS 2300(01 MARKETING PRINCIPLES...

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